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Heart to Heart or Head to Head?

Ken Streater



As an international rafting outfitter, social entrepreneur, and acclaimed author, Ken Streater has studied cultures around the world. From the deltas of Botswana, in small villages of Siberia, on the streets of China, and through deep conversations with luminaries and everyday heroes in nearly 50 countries, Ken has come to know both the most grievous and the most fulfilled communities on earth.

Having witnessed the power of trust versus the force of fear-and the gift of courage-Ken now shares how compassionate cultures provide places of camaraderie and growth. His goal is simply to illustrate that heart-driven individuals, organizations, and businesses are the cornerstone to flourishing societies.

Ken is an owner of a company that facilitates over $100,000,000 in transactions a year, in an industry still largely driven by greed. Utilizing heart-to-heart approaches, Ken's company is changing the way business is done by placing trust and truth at the front of any deal, in order to assure that success never comes at the expense of another or one's community.

We have all of the tools needed to fully manifest heart-driven societies. Present-day creature comforts, consciousness, and the creative spirit allow for the time and energy to build infinitely positive ways of life. We no longer need to stand toe-to-toe, competing for resources. We have evolved well beyond the days of fighting for survival, yet ego and greed far too often overpower compassion and collaboration. It is time to replace head-to-head approaches in business and beyond with heart-to-heart relationships. Here is how...



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