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If you had 5 minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds?

Around the world geeks have been putting together Ignite nights to enlighten us – quickly.

"There's probably no God. Go have some fun!"

Robert Flanagan



My parents were Roman Catholic; Irish Catholic actually, with it's own lovely brand of guilt. I confessed, communed, was confirmed and catechised. At a catholic university in New York I opted out for good. I got my degrees, spent a decade as a military officer, and currently work and live in Bend.

"You're not an Atheist!" That's the first thing they say. Everyone. Almost everyone. Yes I am. At 9:30, on April 17th, 2009-I don't believe in God. I would quickly-gladly-happily change my mind if his Michael-Angelic face appeared in the sky, but really...right now...all signs point to NO. The violence, ignorance and misogyny perpetuated in the name of religion are not in the past. We've all studied the crusades, the inquisition, colonization (the list is endless) and remember religion's dark and bloody past. It's a dark side. not a dark past. Right now "mainstream, non-threatening" church groups; those smart Christians, enlighted Muslims, non-practicing Jews create a safe environment of tolerance for their lunatic-extremist bretheren. One example: If a child were denied medical care and died, because his parents were mentally unbalanced or uncaring there would be swift action; prosecution and the other children removed from the home. If the same is done in the name of religion the shouting begins about gray areas, tolerance, cultural diversity, ect. Why do we fear discourse on this subject and grant this terrified respect to religion? We believe in the right to bear arms and we shout ourselves hoarse over that one, but, God forbid (pun intended) we show disrepect to someone's sprituality. We can argue about taxes all day but don't you question someone's god. There are nuts who strive for religious law in this country, long for nuclear war (rapture), want to legally discriminate homosexuals, or call for death to writers, cartoonists and publishers. They are tolerated! Intolerance and violence are tolerated in part, due to these "safe-sane-smart" religious people. Religion belongs in the infancy of mankind not the future. All religion does is group us into tribes. Us against them. I've recently been called an aggresive atheist. I am. Many atheists are quiet, almost embarrassed to admit they don't believe in God. It is a little lonely and more than a little frightning being an atheist. But it is important. Do you think the fundementalists are not striving daily to teach creationism in schools, negate a woman's right to an abortion and force-convert the entire world? People say, as a atheist you have no grounds for morality, or if we didn't have God the world would go crazy. Religion has proved itself uniquely delinquent on morals and ethics. The world will not fall into amoral chaos if we read those "holy" books as what they really are; not God's word but as flawed histories, written by men, with both good and bad lessons. Let's place these bronze age morality tales behind us and take the next step in human evolution.



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